This is Zero Hour:
The Youth Climate Summit

July 12-14 2019
Miami, FL

Thank you for coming!

The Youth Climate Summit

A year after the historic youth climate march, the youth strike again! Join Zero Hour in This Is Zero Hour: The Youth Climate Summit in Miami, a frontline community. The Summit will be held from July 12 – 14 at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Miami Airport & Convention Center, 711 NW 72nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33126. The summit is from 10 am to 7 pm on July 13th and 14th. Scroll below for more information on July 12th, the Youth Climate Summit Kickoff!

The team chose to host the summit in Miami because of the huge disasters Miami is already facing and will continue to face with worsening climate change. With two degrees Celsius of warming, the entire city will be underwater. Also, as the ocean gets warmer, it is causing toxic “red tide” algae blooms, which can irritate respiratory illnesses and cause other negative health effects in humans.

With the summit, we hope to uplift the citizens of Miami, and train more young people to be effective climate justice advocates.

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Climate Science Fair

Science fair/workshops that will cover the basics of climate change, e.x. Greenhouse gases, ppm, fossil fuel usage, etc... This is an opportunity to walk around to different booths and have an interactive experience with each project.

Simply Science

This panel will follow a discussion of climate solutions, perspectives from different areas of the field, and a breakdown of recent viral climate reports.

Decolonizing our food with Veggie Mijxs

A workshop presented by Veggie Mijxs.

Saturday Keynote with Gina McCarthy

Keynote Speaker Gina McCarthy, former Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, discusses her time in the EPA and the urgency we need to have for this Global Climate Crisis.

The Women’s Roundtable

Gina McCarthy moderates a roundtable discussion on climate change through a feminist lense. The discussion will feature topics including experience in the environmental movement as a woman, women as a marginalized community, and how women are taking the lead in the fight for climate justice.

Starting a Movement - Leadership and Finance

This presentation will be a training on how to be a leader in your community. Learn how to network, create a platform, build on your leadership skills, and develop an effective team with productive and cooperative dynamics. This workshop will also feature Zero Hour’s Finance Director Madelaine Tew to discuss the basics of financing an organization.

Artful Activism

This workshop will feature an exhibit displaying local art that is environmentally-oriented. A plastic collection throughout the summit for an art piece will allow participants to make their own art and showcase it here. Zero Hour’s very own Co-Executive Director and Art Director Nadia will also demonstrate how to create art builds and banners and really solidify the importance of art in the realm of organizing.

The Power of Social Media and Storytelling

We need the maximum number of people focused on solving our climate crisis--both as individuals and communities. So many of us live on social media, and it's here that we share our ideas for the future and what we’re doing NOW to live our beliefs and enact change. This workshop will help you best build support online for the movement by telling your story. We’ll discuss frameworks, consider case studies, and then have a hands-on where we put these ideas to use. A significant piece will be focused on using Facebook's robust tools to tell your story and build supporters online.

Little Miss Flint

From the Frontlines

This panel will highlight the indigenous interconnectivity--how indigenous people are uniquely affected by the climate crisis. Zero Hour wants to uplift the voices of the indigenous community and those who are on the frontlines facing climate change. It will also be a chance to look into issues indigenous peoples face, and how they all intersect with each other.

Sunday Keynote with Greta Thunberg

Keynote Speaker Greta Thunberg calls in to talk about youth involvement as the foundation for radical change in the Climate Movement.

How to Lobby with the Sierra Club and the National Children’s Campaign

Schools for Climate Action Director Jonah Gottlieb and youth leaders Izzy Ryan and Ethan Vandivier will be leading a workshop that will help participants take action at the local, state, and federal level. They will show participants how to contact their school boards, draft resolutions, speak to their elected officials, and spread their message of climate action throughout their communities. They also will be sharing how to take next steps, including delivering resolutions to your municipal, county, and state governments and making sure every representative and senator knows exactly what needs to be done to protect our future. Schools for Climate Action is working with the Speaker Pelosi's House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis to amplify the voices of young activists on the front lines of the climate justice movement and will be collecting data about climate activism and the effects of the climate crisis on young Americans during this presentation. Lastly, Natalie Mebane, This Is Zero Hour Fundraising and Advocacy Adult Director and National Children's Campaign Vice President of Public Policy, will be leading a lobbying and advocacy training so every climate activist can effectively convince their schools, their elected officials, and other organizations to passionately fight for climate justice alongside them.

Girls on the Frontlines

The Girls on the Frontlines Summit workshop will be hosted by Girl Up, a United Nations Foundation initiative and “by girls, for girls” movement dedicated to empowering girls all around the world. This workshop's goal is to educate attendees about how girls are disproportionately affected by the Climate Crisis. By explaining the importance of investing in girls, the audience will better understand the key to establishing revolutionary policy change. The workshop will feature the 11-year-old activist, Mari Copeny also known as Little Miss Flint.

Climate Justice: Ourselves to the World

A workshop led by iMatter.

Amazon Deforestation with Juan Davidgiraldo

Our Climate Voices: Justice

A workshop led by Our Climate Voices.

Two Epidemics: Gun Violence and Climate Change

This panel/workshop will deep dive into the correlation between the climate crisis and gun violence. This is often a missing link in conversations but is vital in understanding the human toll climate change takes.

Think Globally, Act Locally

Any movement, big or small, had its start on a local level. This panel will emphasize getting involved within your own community to make a difference. To Think Globally, we must acknowledge what in our lives contributes to the climate crisis, and how we can start to make a difference in our area.

Raising the Living Standard: How to Inspire Anyone to Act on Climate”

The U.S. Green Building Council's (USGBC) Living Standard campaign mission is simple: to raise the quality of life for human beings all around the world. USGBC President Mahesh Ramanujam is holding a series of public Town Hall discussions nationwide to meet with community members and discuss shared experiences about how green buildings and more sustainable living can help solve the environmental crisis we face. Mahesh will be joined by David Bluestone, a pollster who will preview brand new public opinion research covers how the public understands and supports green buildings, sustainability, and the environment. They will focus specifically on the Gen Z and Millennial voices from the research. Afterwards, Mahesh will facilitate a discussion with Zero Hour attendees to listen to their stories and solicit their input and ideas.


We have multiple other amazing speakers as well!

Kickoff! Calling all Artists!

The Youth Climate Summit Kickoff will be at Tea and Poets, 5701 Sunset Dr #126 South Miami, FL 33143, from 7 to 11 pm. This fun event is in partnership with Hip Hop Caucus and will include culture, art, food, and more! Join us for a fun filled night to kickoff the Youth Climate Summit!

You can buy tickets for the kickoff here!

Our Partners

We have some amazing partners collaborating with us for workshops for the summit! Hear from these powerful groups at The Youth Climate Summit!


Interested in donating? Your monetary support will ensure that youth activists can participate in events and continue organizing to make sure that youth voices are heard loud and clear!


We would also love to accept donations of resources you or your organization may be able to give. For instance— cars and other means of transportation, resources and supplies for training and workshops we host. We promise we’ll put every dollar to good use! Please reach out to us at if you want to donate any of the above items or other resources.

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